by Panda Pete (@PandaPete21)

If you’re like me, you’re not too happy with Ryback… Oldberg… Goldberg winning the WWE Universal Championship at WWE Fastlane. We don’t need to talk about the fact that he can’t wrestle a full match, doesn’t look like he’s been training seriously to get back in the ring, or that he concussed himself before cutting a promo on Raw. Today we’ll talk about what to do if you’re mad another past-his-prime part-timer holds the big red belt.

Watch Smackdown Live.

No, I’m serious. Don’t watch Raw. Don’t hype their ratings to tune in and see what’s happening. If a Ryback…Goldberg segment is on TV, change the channel. Stop watching Raw altogether and get the recap on or their YouTube page.

Raw is for casual wrestling fans who aren’t entirely sure who half these guys are, but they really, “love their ring gear, entrance theme, and that one flippy move he / she does.” Smackdown Live doesn’t treat their wrestling fans like idiots. They don’t force feed guys like Oldberg, Lesnar, and *insert any other Legend / part-timer here*. Sure you have Orton and Cena who work a reduced schedule, but they still factor into important feuds and spend more time on TV than off.

If Smackdown Live isn’t your thing, watch 205Live. For everything I hate about how the cruiserweights have been handled on the main roster, 205Live gives these guys some great TV time to showcase what they’re capable of doing. It’s what I loved about the Cruiserweight Classic on every Tuesday night following Smackdown Live.

And if you’d rather see the development of the next up and coming superstars, watch NXT. They seem to be back in a groove after they pillaged the NXT roster post-WrestleMania last year. I imagine this year’s call-ups won’t be as deep, but they have some solid talent that has certainly impressed me over the last few months.

I’m done being mad that Oldberg and Lesnar are going to headline WrestleMania this year. I’ll go to bed 87 seconds earlier than normal, because I honestly don’t care which one of those two wins the stupid red belt. The Red Brand has treated longtime wrestling fans like idiots since the brand split, and I’m tired of feeling like my fandom doesn’t mean anything to them. Draft Cesaro, Jericho, KO, and Sami Zayn to SDLive during this years draft, and continue to botch the booking with all of Raw’s top talent. I’ll spend those 3 hours of Raw watching 205Live and NXT instead, and take a nap with that extra hour.